Families can love each other very much, yet still hit roadblocks

Families operate as a system. If there is conflict, strife and general discord there may be hidden behaviors and triggers that could be perpetuating the difficulties. Families can love each other very much yet still hit “roadblocks” that make communication and interaction difficult. Oftentimes, the enacted “solutions” we employ can actually be furthering the problem. Add to this each of our past hurts and learned behaviors and we can be at a loss for what to do next. Families need not continue to go it alone. Sometimes a few sessions, or even long-herm work, can make the difference from pain to progress. For more insight check out the family section of our blog here.


If you are suffering from issues that you can’t quite put your finger on, you need not do it all alone

Counseling is about a relationship that can aid us through times of depression, anxiety, anger and pain. We may have an abundance of friends but feel totally alone, or not understand why we can’t seem to get out the door and on with our lives. If you are suffering from issues that you can’t quite put your finger on, you need not do it all alone. Connecting with a therapist can help you get through the “groundhog day” of never ending cycles where you feel continually defeated. You need not be a slave to the script that you have grown up with over the years—get help today. If you would like more insight into possible reasons for what you are going through look through the “individual” section of our blog here.

Men’s Issues

It takes strength to go to the places that are uncomfortable

Although it is my desire to work with anyone who is in need, counseling men and working through specific masculine issues has become a passion. Men are unique from women in that, often times, they have difficulty articulating deep seeded thoughts and emotions. As a result many men run the other way when it comes to discussions of “feelings”—which never fixes the issue. This “running” may come out in one of two ways: either blowing up to shut down the conversation or running away and closing down inward. If you are a man reading this you know what I mean (or, more likely, if you’re the significant other of a man who needs help and this resonates with you). If you are a man that needs help know this: It takes strength to go to the places that are uncomfortable. It’s okay that you may be having a hard time (you’re not the only one!).

I work with men that are struggling with the following:

  • Anger
  • Shutting down
  • Addiction
  • Relational Issues
  • Job & Work Issues
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insecurity

For more information on how I address some of the issues most important to men see our blog here.


Talking things out can help us come a long way

Adolescents are an interesting lot: not quite adults but not at all children. The changes, pressures, and expectations that come along with being between the ages of twelve to twenty-one can be confusing, frustrating and heartbreaking—both for parents and adolescents. Know this: you are not alone. You are not strange, broken, or freakish if you are running into situations and feelings that you have never dealt with before. Also know that talking things out can help us come a long way in dealing with pain and confusion (even though it may be the last thing you want to do!). If you’re having trouble the last thing you need is someone lecturing you as to why you’re wrong. What you do need is someone you can connect with that can empathize with what you are going through. Someone you can bounce things off of and possibly see other alternatives to your situation.

Whether you are an adolescent or a parent reading this for your child I can help in the following areas:

  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Failure to Launch
  • School Issues
  • Relationships

For more information and areas covering adolescence see our blog here.


Discover great potential that can move your job and career to a positive place

How’s work? It seems like a simple enough question but for some, the very thought of work brings stress, frustration and angst. Our work is very much a huge facet of our life—half of our awake time in many cases. If we are having difficulties at work it can bleed over to our relationships both at home and on the job. If you are having difficulties at work it does not have to mean quitting or suffering through the hardship. Through simple and direct counsel and coaching you may discover great potentials that can move your job and career to a positive place you never thought possible. Or, perhaps you would like some insight on what career is best for you. If you have jumped from job to job never knowing or quite “fitting in” to what you really want to do, I can help. You may also want to check out the Work and Business section of this website and our blog.