As a former high school teacher, I love interacting with and reaching students on a gut level. I have spoken to youth on a wide variety of topics—relating on a personal and heart-felt level. Those who address youth must be dynamic, interactive and believable! My approach involves the students themselves, reaching out, giving them a voice, and addressing their concerns. Look through my blog, if a topic interests you, contact me for further information.

  • Sports
  • Sex
  • Drug use and addiction
  • Bullying (Victim and Perpetrator)
  • Career
  • Friendship
  • Relationships
  • Motivation
  • Graduation



Churches present an interesting challenge to youth leaders today. How do we get a solid message across while also speaking to kids where they are? When I taught high school I was sure to make my classroom one of engagement and valuable content. As a youth speaker I run an interactive presentation, drawing from the kids own needs and concerns, while also delivering a message of solid foundation, insight, and conviction. If you have a youth camp, seminar, study or special event and you need a speaker, let’s get together and discuss some ideas.

                      Areas of Address

  • God’s Calling
  • Expectations
  • Fear
  • Loneliness
  • Peer Pressure
  • Family Conflict
  • Relationships
  • What is God’s Will for My Life?
  • Belonging


As a marriage therapist, I never run out of areas to speak to couples on. I hold marriage classes and speak to either men or women on a variety of different topics of concern. One of my favorite groups to address is men—the people who most often hate to come to therapy! One of my most popular topics is the 12 Relational Distortions and how they inform our every interaction and expectation. If you have a message or topic and need special delivery, contact me and we can discuss any details.

                     Areas of Address

  • Couples Conflict
  • Connection
  • Men’s and Women’s Expectation in Marriage
  • Men’s Issues (Relational and Personal)
  • On Being Single
  • On What Men Really Need
  • On What Women Really Need
  • Stress and Burnout
  • Identity (Who Am I?)